Colin ClearyHello everyone,

My name is Colin Cleary, and I am the Chief of Police for the Borough of Green Tree. I have spent my entire adult life in law enforcement, recently retiring after 22 years of service with the Harrisburg Bureau of Police. While planning my departure from Harrisburg, I put together a wish list of things I hoped to find in my next career -- a small, professional agency, with lots of long-term involved residents, low crime, and a great deal of community pride. I wanted to work in a place that would feel like a home to my wife, Stacey, and my son, Nathan. The first time I came to Green Tree, I realized this was where I wanted us to be. I thank the Mayor and members of the Borough Council for their faith and trust in offering me the position, and I look forward to spending many more years serving the public as Chief of the Green Tree Police Department.

I am fortunate to be part of an agency staffed with intelligent, experienced professionals. I'll be spending a lot of time with them out in the community, getting to know the residents and business people of the borough. Please know that my door is always open to the members of the public who have a question, comment, concern, or compliment for the Green Tree Borough Police.

Most of my previous career was spent providing law enforcement services in a high-crime, urban environment. When I arrived in Green Tree, I saw many familiar tools of our trade in the patrol cars -- the computer, the camera, the shotgun, the rifle. I also saw the defibrillator, the oxygen, the Narcan, and the tools used to assist people locked out of their cars. When I toured the station, I saw the lockbox which stores keys to residents' homes, so officers can get quick access without breaking down the door, and the log of addresses for officers to check while residents are on vacation. Green Tree Police officers embrace their role as public servants, ready and willing to assist the public in a variety of ways. I saw this in the first call I responded to as the Green Tree Chief. A young man had gotten too close to an electrical line in his bucket truck, and had been badly injured. The officers responded, rendered medical aid to the victim until MRTSA personnel arrived, and contacted the various agencies that needed to be involved; they had the incident resolved before I got out of my car. However, along with the efficient briefing on the facts of the incident, the officers also gave me details about the notification of the young man's family and who he was -- information they would never have if they were just-the-facts cops without compassion.

I am honored and excited to have this opportunity to serve.

Colin Cleary
Chief of Police
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