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Animal Control Lost Pet Project
Call 412-279-6911 (Allegheny County Dispatch)
to report a lost or a found pet
Animal Control's Lost Pet Project provides information and photos on pets that have been found in the various communities serviced by Animal Control. Photos and descriptions are posted on this page. Animal Control only holds these animals for approximately one week while trying to locate the owner. Please call if you have any information or you think you might know the owner, of a pet posted on this page, even if it is not your pet.

Animal Control encourages all pet owners to have their pets microchipped for easy identification. Allegheny County also requires that all dogs be licensed. Dog licenses must be renewed each year. Click here for more information about licensing your dog in Allegheny County.



Animal Control has one new guest from Dormont. This little guy is a Hound Mix, reddish-brown coat, wearing a collar, but no tags and no ID Chip found was found. Dog was found wandering in the Dell Avenue area of Dormont.

Anyone having any information of our newest guest is asked to contact Animal Control through County Dispatch on their non-emergency number 412-279-6911 and request Animal Control.

Side note: Animal Control reports that this pooch is similar to two other strays they have had recently, though he was found in Dormont.

Posted 6/15/18

Animal Control would like to remind residents that we try to help, but remind them that they are required to contact their local communities to advise when they have lost a pet. County Dispatch maintains two log books: one for pets that go missing, and one for pets that have been found wandering by local residents.

By State Dog Law, Animal Control is not required to offer notifications advising whether or not a wayward pet was picked up. We would like to believe we are all trying to help furballs make their way home.

One of the steps in this program is the hope a resident will identify another person that may have dropped/dumped off an animal and this resident will notify Animal Control and the local Police Department so the appropriate action may be taken. Residents may contact Allegheny County Dispatch to contact Animal Control on the Non-Emergency phone number 412-279-6911. Residents may also contact their local communities using local contact numbers.


For more information about Animal Control and the services they offer, click here.