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Dye Testing Request Information


Any person selling or transferring real estate property located within the Borough shall apply for evidence of compliance on a Borough-approved form.

Application Process
  • Call the Borough Administrative Office at 412.921.1110 and ask for the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer at least 24 hours prior to performing test. Provide the Borough Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer with the contact information and property address. The Borough Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer will prepare the "Report of Test and Inspection" form and a map indicating the observation manhole.

  • After the $35 fee is received, the form and map can be picked-up at the Borough or emailed to you.

  • If the inspection passes, the completed form must be returned to the Borough and the Evidence of Compliance will be issued within 48 hours.
    Note: If you received an "Evidence of Compliance" letter, but the sale fell through you may use that letter for the next sale. Please provide a copy of that letter when requesting lien letter, tax certification, and/or occupancy permits. The letter is good if the owner has not changed.
Commercial occupancy permits will only be issued after an inspection of the property.

Lien letters, tax certifications, and occupancy permits will not be released until the dye test is complete. Please follow the steps below to request a dye test.