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Green Tree
Green Tree Earned Income Tax Collection
If you reside in Green Tree Borough, you are required to pay earned income tax
All State of Pennsylvania Employers will be required to withhold your local Earned Income Tax from your paycheck. This is NOT a new tax or tax increase, but a change in the way the current tax will be collected. The local earned income tax in Green Tree Borough is 1% (0.5% Green Tree; 0.5% Keystone Oaks School District).

What do you need to do?
  1. All employees are required to file a Residency Certification Form with their employer. Your employer should provide you with this form.

  2. The form must include the 6-digit Political Code (PSD Code). The Green Tree PSD Code of 730903. This code is important as it ultimately determines which municipality receives your Earned Income Tax.

  3. Self-Employed? If you are self-employed or employed out-of-state, you are required to file with Jordan Tax Service. Contact Jordan at 412-835-5243 or 724-731-2300.

  4. If you have already received a form from your employer, please check to assure the correct PSD Code was used (730903 for Green Tree Borough).

Following the above steps will assure that your tax dollars are correctly routed to Green Tree Borough and the Keystone Oaks School District.
Should you require any assistance, need more information on the new law, or have any other questions about these changes, please contact the Green Tree Administrative Office at 412-921-1110.

The completed form should be submitted to your employer.


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