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The purpose of the Golden Wings Foundation is to provide opportunities to enhance and enrich public educational experience for students attending the Keystone Oaks School District.




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About The Golden Wings Foundation

Several years ago, the Keystone Oaks Board of School Directors (School Board) began to seek alternative sources of revenue to support educational endeavors for students at Keystone Oaks. To accomplish that task, the Board formed an “Alternative Assets Committee”. As a group, they researched:

  • the means of acquiring funds for the KOSD (funds the district can not quality for because of their school status),
  • how to form a group,
  • successes others have had in developing a unit, and
  • strategies used to implement a program

The Assets Committee presented their findings to a group of 65 concerned citizens. The result was the creation of the Golden Wings Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation that functions separately from the KOSD.

The Foundation, incorporated in April 1997, currently includes eleven trustee members representing our three communities. Although supportive of GWF endeavors, elected and appointed Board of School Directors and School Administrators are non-voting members of the GWF.

The GWF’s Board of Trustees, in cooperation with KOSD educators, has identified the scope of funding to include education, technology, and the arts. To date the Foundation’s main sources of revenue remain individual support, group support, grant writing, and special events.

History and Formation of the Foundation

1994 - A group of concerned citizens, teachers, and administrators saw a need to refocus on the business of supporting Keystone Oaks students while also recognizing the limited resources of the district. They wanted to unite the three communities in exploring non-traditional ways of funding to help the district’s students.

1995-1996 - A group called the Alternative Assets Committee was formed. A core group of ten met monthly at the high school to draw up belief and mission statements for this new foundation. A board member visited another school district with a successful incorporated foundation already set in place. We then investigated the process of becoming incorporated. A meeting was held informing the public of the group’s progress. There were in attendance at least 65 individuals from the three communities (including board members) interested in this venture.

Spring of 1997 and 1998 - The group was incorporated and its non-profit status was assigned. A board of trustees was established and memberships were solicited. The school board gave the foundation $3,000.00 in seed money to begin. We established ourselves as a 501 ©(3) non-profit organization in early 1998.