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Green Tree
Green Tree Borough Overnight On-Street Parking Procedures
Information regarding on-street parking in Green Tree Borough.
Please call as far in advance as possible when requesting overnight on-street parking in Green Tree.
412-921-8025 is the On-Street Parking Line for all on-street parking requests.
Residents requesting temporary overnight parking on Green Tree Borough streets where overnight parking is prohibited must call 412-921-8025 in advance to secure permission from the Green Tree Police Department.
A message will instruct the resident to leave their full name, address, contact phone number, vehicle(s) description/plate number(s), and the reason for needing temporary overnight parking (i.e., driveway repairs, guests, etc.). Residents will be notified by the Green Tree Police Department only if their request is denied.
Continuous requests will not be granted, unless for extenuating circumstances such as driveway repair, etc.

In the event of a snow/ice weather event, overnight on-street parking will be denied. On-street parking is always discouraged during snow/ice events to provide Green Tree Public Works full access to roadways.
All inquiries or complaints are to be made or forwarded to the Borough Manager.


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