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Green Tree
Green Tree Public Works
825 Poplar Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone: 412-921-1110

Green Tree's Public Works Department works hard year-round to make certain that the appearance and upkeep of the Borough's physical plant are met. From roads to parks to the pool and the various borough buildings, the Public Works Department is the borough's greatest first line of response in maintaining all borough properties, both inside and out, while often addressing unexpected emergencies when they occur. The Public Works Department is both pro-active and reactive in tackling the substantial breadth of the borough. Here are just some of the ongoing routine maintenance duties the Green Tree Public Works Department provides throughout the year:
  • Prepare, beautify, and maintain the borough parks.
  • Prepare Wilson Park Pool for opening day.
  • Trim, mow, cut, and maintain and grass, shrubs, and trees on borough properties.
  • Maintain the many borough-owned buildings and their properties.
  • Collect and mulch leaves in the fall throughout the borough.
  • Plow, salt, and pre-condition borough roads during snowy and icy weather.
  • Provide minor patching of roads as needed.
  • Collect and mulch discarded Christmas trees.
Green Tree Public Works Logo The Green Tree Public Works Department never sleeps! They assure that the Borough remains in good operating order and help to keep Green Tree one of the most attractive, well-kept communities in the area.