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Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is responsible for the enforcement of the Green Tree Borough Civil Service Rules and Regulations, conducts examinations of police applicants and other powers and duties as are prescribed by the Borough Code and by ordinance. 

The Civil Service Commission shall be composed of three members, all of whom shall be qualified electors of the Borough, appointed by Council.  Members shall be appointed for terms of six years.  A vacancy occurring in the Commission shall be filled by Council for the unexpired term with a period of 30 days after such vacancy occurs.  Each term shall be based on the staggered pattern of membership which is already in place.

If you are interested in being considered as a member, please complete the online Volunteer Bank Application form, and submit it electronically.  Refer to Volunteer Bank Procedures for more information.

November 9, 2023, Agenda
Time 7:30 am
Location Green Tree Municipal Center, Poplar Meeting Room
10 W. Manilla Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15220

W. David Montz
   Term Expires 03.01.2025
David Lorenzini
   Term Expires 03.01.2030
Robert Treglia, Secretary
   Term Expires 03.22.2027
Vacant, Alternate Member
Term Expires 03.05.2030