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Recreation/Community Activities Board

The Borough Recreation/Community Activities Board has the authority to plan recreational programs, supervise and schedule recreational events for residents of the Borough. 

The Recreation and Community Activities Board is a nine-member volunteer Board appointed by Council that serves three-year terms.  Each term shall be based on the staggered pattern of membership which is already in place. 

If you are interested in being considered as a member, please complete the online Volunteer Bank Application form, and submit it electronically. Refer to Volunteer Bank Procedures for more information.

3rd Wednesday of the month
Time 5:00 pm
Location Green Tree Municipal Center, Birch Meeting Room
10 W. Manilla Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15220

Vacant, President
   Term Expires 03.01.2024
Christine Short, Vice President
   Term Expires 03.01.2026
Jen Sakulsky, Secretary
   Term Expires 03.01.2024
Jill Folkmire
   Term Expires 03.01.2026
Dan Gall
   Term Expires 03.01.2025

Luanne Jones
   Term Expires 03.01.2026
Linda Lester
   Term Expires 03.01.2024

CJ Martorella
   Term Expires 03.01.2025
Samantha Salopek
   Term Expires 03.01.2024