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Borough Council/Mayor


Green Tree Borough Council and Mayor

Front Row:  Mayor Edward Schenck, David Rea, Rino Lindsey, James Turocy, Craig Romanovich 
Back Row:  Shannon Barron, Arthur Tintori, Ron Panza

The Borough of Green Tree is a Home Rule community, which is governed by a seven member Council who are elected at large. The Home Rule Charter provides the framework for the Borough’s operational policies and structure.

Council members are elected for four‑year terms, of which four, then three expire every two years.  The Borough operates under a Council-Manager form of government and the day‑to‑day activities of the Borough are coordinated by a Council appointed Borough Manager.   The organization and authority of Council is outlined in the Home Rule Charter.

The Borough of Green Tree Mayor is elected for a four-year term and has a wide variety of duties and authorities, all of which are outlined in the Home Rule Charter.  The Mayor has no right to vote on matters before Council, however in the event of a tie vote of Council, the Mayor may cast a tie‑breaking vote.


1st Monday of each Month (unless the Monday is a Holiday, then the meeting will be held on the 2nd Monday of the Month) 
Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed, the date and time of which will be posted at the Borough Offices and on the Borough website 24 hours in advance of the meeting.
Time 7:30 pm
Location Green Tree Municipal Center, Sycamore Meeting Room
10 W. Manilla Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15220

Council Members
Arthur Tintori, President
   Term Expires 12.31.2023
Ron Panza, Vice President
   Term Expires 12.31.2023
Shannon Barron, Councilmember
   Term Expires 12.31.2025
Rino Lindsey, Councilmember
   Term Expires 12.31.2023
David Rea, Councilmember
   Term Expires 12.31.2025
Craig Romanovich, Councilmember
   Term Expires 12.31.2025
James Turocy, Councilmember
   Term Expires 12.31.2025

All Council Members email

All Council Members + Mayor email

Edward Schenck, Mayor
   Term Expires 12.31.2025
Council Committees
Committee Chair Member Member
Finance and General Policy Jim Turocy Rino Lindsey Shannon Barron
Public Facilities and Equipment Shannon Barron David Rea Craig Romanovich
Planning and Zoning David Rea Ron Panza Jim Turocy
Recreation Programming and Community Welfare Ron Panza David Rea Craig Romanovich
Public Safety/Public Safety Equipment Rino Lindsey Jim Turocy Shannon Barron
Infrastructure - Streets/Sidewalks, Storm/Sanitary Sewers Craig Romanovich Rino Lindsey Ron Panza