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Green Tree
Green Tree Leaf Collection Schedule
Green Tree Public Works Department collects autumn leaves curbside.


Green Tree Borough's Public Works Department will begin its annual leaf collection during the week of October 25th. It continues through November, weather-permitting. Rake your leaves to the curb - NOT INTO THE STREET - and the Public Works Department will collect them according to the schedule below. Do not include branches or twigs in with the leaves.

Homes along Carnahan Road, Greentree Road, Mansfield Avenue, McMonagle Avenue, Noblestown Road, Pin Oak, Poplar Street and Potomac Avenue MUST bag their leaves and place them at the curb. All bagged streets will be collected on Fridays. Please do not place your leaf bags at the edge of the yard before Thursday evening because the combination of blowing leaves and the high volume of traffic on these roads can create a hazardous situation, particularly if collection is delayed or if it rains.

On all other streets, leaves should be raked into a pile to the edge of the yard no later than 7:00 a.m. of the morning of the scheduled collection.

NOTE: If Public Works completes its collection schedule early on a particular day they may begin collecting leaves on the streets scheduled for the next day. However, Public Works will be by again on the scheduled day to collect any additional leaves.

LEAVES ONLY! Twigs, sticks and branches clog the leaf collection equipment and can slow down or halt the process entirely! Please do not rake leaves into the streets. It can create a slippery situation for passing vehicles or a water hazard if it rains.


Andersen Dr.
Brunswick Pl.
Cabrini Dr.
Clearview Dr.
Clifford Dr.
Conroy Dr.
Fleet St.
Hanover Pl.
Hawthorne Ave.
Holiday Dr.
Iron City Dr.
Kenmore Pl.
Reed Dr.
Rothesay Ave.
School St.
Terrace Dr.
Veri Dr.
Victoria Circle
Avacoll Dr.
Cherry St.
Churchill Rd.
E. Manilla Ave.
Elmdale Rd.
Greenlawn Dr.
Leon Dr.
McKenna Ave.
McKinney Lane
Oakville Dr.
Pocono Dr.
Ringold Ave.
Rocklyn Dr.
Shiela Dr.
South Bee St.
Susan Dr.
Warriors Rd.
Akehurst Rd.
Allender Ave.
Arla Dr.
Banbury Lane
Black Oaks
Crestmont Dr.
E. Elmhurst Rd.
Elmhurst Rd.
Forest Dr.
Grennan Way
Greenridge Lane
Hillcrest Ave.
Red Oak Dr.
Robinhood Rd.
Silver Oak Dr.
Spreading Oak Dr.
Tranter Ave.
Woodridge Dr.
Arbor Dr.
Dale Dr.
El Rancho Dr.
Evandale Dr.
Greenboro Lane
Glencoe Ave.
Hillsview Terrace
Namy Dr.
Norsis Dr.
Orchard Dr.
Oriole Dr.
Perity Lane
Tomaino Dr.
W. Manilla Ave.
Western Ave.
Bergen Pl.
Carnahan Rd.
Carol Pl.
Greentree Rd.
Mansfield Ave.
McMonagle Ave.
Noblestown Rd.
Parkedge Rd.
Penfield Pl.
Pin Oak Dr.
Poplar St.
Potomac Ave.
Ramey Ave.
Rhodes Ave.
Sheldon Ave.
Trailvue Dr.

*These streets must bag their leaves for collection.

Public Works will do its best to maintain this schedule. However, if there is an emergency requiring immediate attention, or bad weather, the schedule may change. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

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