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Alerts and Notifications

Keep in touch with the Borough of Green Tree through alerts and announcements.  To receive a call, text or email notifications regarding matters that are time sensitive, subscribe to CodeRED.   To receive information about upcoming community events, you are encouraged to subscribe to the Green Tree Greetings.   While those two methods are great ways to be in the know, most all important Borough information will be posted on this website, with urgent/time sensitive matters appearing in the pop-up message on the bottom right of the home page.


The CodeRED Emergency Notification System which allows the registered residents to receive emergency notifications through their choice of phone call, text, and/or email alerts. Utilize the following link to register:   CodeRED.

At the CodeRED registration page you will have the option of setting up an account throughCodeRED Google, Facebook, or Twitter, or submit your information directly to CodeRED. If you want to submit your information to receive emergency contacts from Green Tree, click the button that reads, "No, I would like to review and submit my information," and hit submit. This will take you to a page where you can enter your information directly."